A Tale of Three Churches – Current Evaluation

Its a good read

Biblical Brethren Fellowship

I am a committed Anabaptist. Much of my life has been invested in study and in instruction in Anabaptist circles. My conviction is that We (Anabaptists) have what the world needs. God has entrusted His Word to us and He has given us courageous leaders from the past for direction. Many principles from the early Anabaptist movement are still providing leadership for us today.

There is always a challenge to being an Anabaptist. Everyone views and reads the Bible through some kind of a filter. The filter is the most important part of being a believer. The filter(s) in people’s lives control what they see and understand from the Bible. It is my conviction that the Anabaptist “filter” is the most useful and least obtrusive of all possible filters.

That said, any belief system can become an ideology and begin to control the level of truth (or lack thereof) in…

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